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ObesityWeek On Demand is a comprehensive CME accredited program with approximately 120 hours¹ of presentations co-sponsored by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and The Obesity Society (TOS). Your On Demand catalogue covers a multi-track schedule of topics including abstract presentations, partner symposia, educational courses, video sessions and more.

The following sessions are covered in this program from ASMBS and TOS:

  • Abdominal Wall
  • Access to Care Symposium
  • ASMBS Review of Guidelines Session
  • Geriatric Bariatric Surgery
  • IH Keynote, Presidential Address & Town Hall
  • IH Physical Activity
  • Integrated Health Abstract Session
  • Integrated Health: Advanced Practice Part 1 – Clinical Practice 101
  • Integrated Health: Advanced Practice Part 2 – Clinical Practice Masters
  • Integrated Health: Bad Words
  • Integrated Health: Case Studies
  • MD/IH Research
  • Panel: Complex GI Operations after Bariatric Surgery
  • Panel: Mini Consensus – Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass
  • Panel: Neuromodulation for Weight Loss, Metabolic Benefits, and Gastroparesis
  • Panel: Pediatric and Adolescents
  • Paper Session I – Top 10 Papers
  • Paper Session III – Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Paper Session IV – Complications: Preventions and Treatments
  • Paper Session V – Comparative Studies
  • Paper Session VI – Malabsorptive & Metabolic
  • Paper Session VII – Balloons & Other Clinical Considerations
  • Social Media & Bariatrics
  • Video Session A
  • Video Session B
  • Why these endoscopic/laproscopic devices for weight loss have failed?
  • A Good Taste: Neuronal Basis of Nutrient Choice
  • Adipose Biology: Links with Obesity
  • Advances in Socio-Ecological Influences on Diet and Weight
  • And the Rich Get Richer — Are Our Obesity Reduction Efforts Increasing Health Disparities?
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Best of the Best in Population Health
  • Clearing Up the Diabetes and Obesity Conundrum
  • Clinical/Experimental Studies and Pharmacotherapy
  • Deconstructing Obesity Interventions to Find the Secret Sauce
  • Developmental Origins of Obesity: Mechanisms and Prevention
  • Dietary Components: Peripheral and Central Effects
  • Do You Have the Guts? Gut-Brain Axis and Impact on Body
  • Don't Bug Me: Gut Microbiota and Brain Function
  • Energy Balance: Causes and Consequences
  • Engaging Minorities in Weight Programs
  • Findings from the Obesity-Related Behavioral Intervention Trials (ORBIT) Consortium: Developing and Testing Novel Approaches to Obesity Prevention and Treatment
  • From Physiology to Practice in Appetite Control
  • Genes are Only One Piece of the Puzzle: From Universal to Precision Treatment for Weight Management
  • Has the Era of Big Data Arrived? EHRs and Population Health Research
  • Healthcare Policy and Treatment Barriers
  • How Much Do the Bugs in Our Gut Drive Population-Level Human Obesity and Health
  • Hypothalamic Circuitry and Appetite Control
  • Important Things You Might Not Know about the Variables You are Using
  • Individuals in Environments: Novel Approaches to Exploring Gene X Environment Interactions
  • Inside the Mind of the Clinician: Challenging Cases of Child and Adolescent Obesity
  • Insulin Action and Obesity: Pathways and Clinical Consideration
  • Interventional Studies in Adults
  • ‘It’s Just Baby Fat!’: Emerging Knowledge of Infant Obesity and Implications for Long-Term Health
  • Late Breaking Abstracts Session 1: Metabolism/Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
  • Late Breaking Abstracts Session 2: Intervention/Clinical Studies, Population Health and Policy/Public Health
  • Linking Primary Care to Public Health: Lessons Learned from the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) Projects
  • Macronutrients, Calories, or Physical Activity? Game of Truths
  • Measurement of Energy Intake: Is Something Better Than Nothing?
  • New Melanocortin Signaling Pathways
  • No Bones about it: A Surprising Role for Bones in Metabolism
  • Obesity in Refugee and International Populations
  • Obesity Journal Symposium
  • Oxytocin: Love Hormone Fights Obesity
  • Pearls and Pitfalls in Managing the Older Adult with Obesity
  • Pediatric Interventional Studies
  • President’s Address
  • Promising Policy Solutions for Obesity Prevention and Control: Implementation and Impact
  • Queued Up: The Brain and Food Cue Reactivity
  • Reducing Weight Bias in Health Care
  • Some Like it Hot: Relevance of Non-Shivering Thermogenesis to Human Physiology
  • Strategies to Improve Healthy Purchasing in the Grocery Store
  • Surprise, Surprise: AgRP Neurons in a New Light
  • Systematic Review of Interventions to Reduce Excess Weight in Children and Adolescents
  • Targeted Food Marketing and Promotions: A Culprit in Diet Disparities and Potential Tool to Address Disparities?
  • Taxes, Financial Incentives and Food Marketing
  • The Deepening Need to Connect Obesity to Broader Food System and Food Policy Issues
  • The Gut Microbiome: An Environmental Factor in Developing Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome?
  • The Influence of Social Status on Eating, Physical Activity and Obesity in Youth
  • The Inside Scoop on Federal School Nutrition Policy Changes
  • The Sixth Sense: Hormonal and Nutrient Regulation of Feeding and Metabolism
  • Toward Optimizing Long-Term Obesity Treatment: Measuring Core Variables in Adult Weight Loss Trials
  • Unravelling the Mystery: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Regulating Food Intake and Metabolism
  • Update on Genetic Syndromes for the Clinican
  • Use of Electronic Health Record for Clinical Decision Support in Obesity Weight Loss Maintenance
  • Weight Regain with Bariatric Surgery
  • What's That App?: Mobile Apps in Clinical Research

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