Get access to the All NEW Cardiometabolic Health Congress OnDemand — The Next Generation in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Advancements, Clinical Research, and Patient Care.

The Cardiometabolic Health Congress is the premiere multidisciplinary conference focused solely on the management of Cardiometabolic risk and the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disease in the industry today. This annual meeting brings together world-renowned experts in the field to share innovation and breakthroughs in science unmatched around the globe.

Introducing the all New Cardiometabolic Health Congress OnDemand, an online CME1 accredited program featuring sessions and presentations on the latest advancements and clinical research in cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Sessions topics include:

  • Risk Factors for Dyslipidemia, Atherosclerosis,
  • The Effect of Circadian Rhythm on Obesity and CVD
  • Diet Quality, Quantity, and Beyond in Cardiometabolic Disorders
  • Insulin and Non-Insulin Therapies for Diabetes Management
  • Challenging Patient Cases in Hypertension, Cardio-renal, and Heart Failure

Cardiometabolic Health Congress OnDemand delivers advanced technology that makes it easy for you to access your content anytime, anywhere.

Slides with synchronized audio. It’s like being at the live meeting!

Online access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Start watching on one device and pick up where you left off on another device.

Integrated online CME testing. Watch a session and then click on the CME Test button. Earning credits is easy, fast and convenient.

PDFs of presentations are easily downloaded onto your computer for easier review and note taking.

Listen while you learn with MP3 audio files that can be easily loaded onto your mobile device or favorite music player.

Complimentary USB drive2 is included with your order so you can access your sessions even when an internet connection isn’t available.


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  • Online access
  • CME Credits
  • PDFs of presentations
  • MP3 audio files
  • Complimentary USB drive

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